It may be early in the year, but you will not have to wait long to see what is surely going to be one of the best concerts of 2019. A huge show will take place at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, February 5, when the Drive-By Truckers come to town. Few things can top a great night of live music, but driving before and after the show can be a pain. Luckily, this issue can easily be handled with GCT concert transportation.

Drive-By Truckers are a critically acclaimed alternative country rock band that has been delighting crowds since 1996.. They will be supporting their latest album, “American Band,” during their show in Charleston. “American Band” was the best-reviewed album of Drive-By Truckers’ illustrious career. It was also named one of the best albums of 2016 by several top music critics including “Rolling Stone” and “Paste Magazine.”

Joining the Drive-By Truckers in Charleston will be the legendary Lucinda Williams. The alternative folk and blues artist will be the co-headlining act of the evening. Williams will be supporting her 14th full-length album entitled “The Sweet Old World” during the show in South Carolina. Lucinda Williams is one of the biggest living legends in the music industry. She has won a total of three Grammy Awards during her wonderful 40-year career and was even named the best songwriter in the country at one point by “Time.”

Drive-By Truckers and Lucinda Williams are two of the best live acts in the world, so you certainly do not want to miss the chance to see them together. While they should be enough to get you to the show in February, there is one more act on the bill. Erika Wennerstrom will be the opening for Lucinda Williams and Drive-By Truckers in Charleston. The singer is best known for her work with the rock band Heartless Bastards. Wennerstrom took time away from the band to release her first solo album, “Sweet Unknown,” in March 2018.

The ideal concert experience is being able to enjoy a few drinks during the show without having to worry about driving home afterwards. These dreams can be realized by hiring GCT. Our concert transportation service will drop you off at North Charleston Performing Arts Center and safely take you home after the Drive-By Truckers have played their last song.