This fall will see the 36th MOJA Arts Festival: A Celebration of African-American and Caribbean Arts. The festival features dance, literature, music, visual art, theater, and more as part of its ten-day celebration of community and heritage. The gathering of artists and entertainers is a long-standing festival in the top twenty traditional favorites of the Southeast Tourism Society, and it is only growing stronger every year.

Set in downtown Charleston, SC, only a few blocks from the Charleston Visitor Center, the MOJA Arts Festival uses its centralized location to draw attendees from all over the city – and country! The Cannon Street Arts Center serves as the central hub for the festival, though activities and performances spill out to the surrounding streets and other nearby venues. For example, guests will enjoy gospel, blues, and jazz performers in the Cannon Street Arts Center, but can also enjoy a harbor cruise blessed with live music from Dante Lewis, and a performance of When I First Remember in the Old Bethel United Methodist Church on Calhoun Street.

Due to its downtown location, high attendance, and multiple venues, driving and parking may be difficult for some guests. Booking festival transportation is a worthwhile investment for those unfamiliar with the area and guests who struggle walking long distances. Of course, anyone who simply wants to spend more time enjoying the festival and less time walking to and from their vehicle should also consider their festival transportation options. Luxury car services and group travel options are available with RideGCT.

Many events – particularly major concerts and plays – are individually ticketed. It’s a good idea to reserve tickets in advance as some of the most popular will sell out before the festival even begins. Still, keeping some cash on hand is always a good idea. Not only will guests be tempted by food and art from some of the best vendors in the world, but you never know when you might get the chance to squeeze into a concert you hadn’t planned to attend.

That said, the MOJA Arts Festival offers much more than ticketed shows and keeps the entire area energized with music, food, and activities for the whole family during its full ten-day run. A plethora of vendors provide ethnic food, there are storytellers for all ages, kids can enjoy specialized children’s activities, and a key element of the festival is its collection of visual arts displays. As a community festival, MOJA embraces all guests, whether they come as families with small children or arrive as single adults eager to enjoy themselves solo. All are welcome, and there is something here for everyone.

MOJA also offers continuous education and community outreach programs in public schools, retirement homes, and more throughout the year. The principles behind the organization drive the festival as a whole, and attendees will enjoy many opportunities to engage with and learn from MOJA during the event. MOJA is a celebration of not only communal history but also continuous growth, which makes it one of the liveliest events in the country.