From May 25th until June 10th, one of the biggest performing arts festivals in the country takes place in none other than Charleston, South Carolina. Soon, the streets will be taken over by appreciators of arts and culture from all over the world.

The Spoleto Festival USA was founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Gian Carlo Menotti in 1977, and is the American counterpart to The Festival of Two Worlds in Italy. The 17-day festival sees over 150 performances of opera, dance, theater, and music from all genres. This year promises an incredible line-up that you won’t want to miss. The festival starts off on Thursday, May 24th with a theater performance of The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk, a romantic play set in during the Russian Revolution. The following 16 days see performances from all over the world that promise something for everyone.

Spoleto Festival only happens once a year, so you’ll want to turn this into a special event. Check the schedule for events and dinners before and after the performances, many of which are black tie or formal. First Citizen Front Row Events are especially high-end, including Ricky Skaggs and Ranky Tanky. You’ll want to enjoy your night out — responsibly. Avoid stress, and ride in safety and style in one of GCT’s chauffeured cars.