The lights of Magnolia will glow starting November 15. Chinese lanterns are set to illuminate the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens for four months starting in November. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens has partnered with the Zigong Lantern Group in China to present “Lights of Magnolia: Reflections of a Cultural Exchange.” Come and see the lights like no other in Charleston.

This is the first time in history that America’s oldest garden will be illuminated at night! Every evening, Magnolia will allow guests to view the colorful lantern displays erected over all nine acres of Romantic-style gardens. The Magnolia Gardens Lantern Festival will feature custom-designed installations of large-scale lanterns. The event in Charleston is expected to b a fusion of historic Chinese cultural and images that represent the flora and fauna of Magnolia Gardens. It’s a unique partnership and is expected to have record-breaking attendance to Magnolia.

The Zigong Lantern Group is recognized as the industry leader in Chinese lantern festivals hosted all over the world. The Chinese lanterns are all hand-made, three-dimensional sculptures and will be placed along a predetermined walking route throughout the historic Magnolia Gardens. The displays will also be featured prominently over and around the black cypress ponds and lakes, and the reflection will create an optical illusion that will expand their actual size.

The Charleston Chinese Lantern Festival is the very first in the history of the city, and hopefully become a tradition for years to come. If you’re headed to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens or any holiday light show in Charleston, book a ride with RideGCT. We offer festival transportation for any sized group in Charleston, SC.